1951 Ford Deluxe


This is a gorgeous 51 Custom with the original V8. It boasts all the chrome and badging as well as interior that it rolled off the assembly line with almost 70 years ago. When Ford introduced its new model for 1949, the car represented the Blue Oval's first clean-sheet design since World War II. In fact, it was the first postwar change shown by any of the Big Three, Chevrolet, Ford or Chrysler. Many changes were made in 1949 to the new ford model with the exception of the wheelbase and the powertrain. Lovingly nicknamed the Shoebox it was often used to "hotrod" up by the younger owners in the 50's by swapping in larger motors, chopping the top off (making permanent convertibles) and customizing out for street drag racing then heading to grab a burger and shake! What a blast from the past that you can actually drive and have a memorable day with!

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