Red Rock Canyon Tour

Timeless, Amazing, Vivid, Majestic

Red Rock Canyon and Bonnie Springs

Come join us on an excursion that will bring many memories and photo opportunities that will be the highlight of your unforgettable tour around Red Rock Canyon and surrounding area while on your Fabulous Las Vegas Trip!

Caravan of Classic Cars leaves at 9:00 am. Must be on property at 8:30 am for food and drink, instructions on driving, destination plans and final paperwork . Heading to fabulous Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs and the loop (on occasion the loop may be closed) we will be taking in the beautiful sights while you comfortably drive one of our classic beauties. After driving through the world renowned Red Rock Canyon we’ll be heading off to Bonnie Springs which is nestled in front of some of the most amazing mountains to see all that it has to offer. Food, Train Ride to an Old Western Town, Gunslingers with the occasional hanging of a bad guy and even a petting zoo with some surprising animals and birds! You may even grab some grub (that’s food for you city folk) at their old time restaurant. Should be back by 12:30-1:00 (Time can very due to unforseen incidents and depending on traffic).

The price includes driver (you) + 1 guest. (Add additional passengers below) Morning Juice, Coffee, Bagels, Donuts, Bottled Water, Entrance Fee to Red Rock Canyon, Entrance to Fee Bonnie Springs Western Town, Train Ride (Weekends Only) and Petting Zoo. During our tour the nature of things that provoke change may deam necessary to readjust our tour route and or time schedule. In the unlikely event we shall take alternate routes and still make the very best of time alloted for your adventure! (Basically, if it flash flood rains the whole time at Disney Land they don’t give you your money back)  😉

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