1957 Thunderbird


The first generation of the Ford Thunderbird is a two-seat convertible produced by Ford for the 1955 to 1957 model year, the first 2-seat Ford since 1938. It was developed in response to the 1953 Motorama display at the New York Auto Show, which showed the Chevrolet Corvette.

Now is your chance to drive the classic car of your dreams. Ford sold 21,380 1957 T-Birds, making the 57 very successful selling the most during their three-year run. You’ve watched them in the movies, you’ve stared at them at the car shows and you’ve seen them cruising down the road and thought that is one cool ride! Well, your right! Now you can see them from behind the steering wheel! What a way to see the sights and have some of the coolest photos of you and your Thunderbird driving through some of the most beautiful scenery the Las Vegas Valley has to offer! You’ll feel like a movie star.  Warning:  These early birds are not very large in the driver seat area due to small cockpit and large steering wheel! We will warn you that large legs circumference and/or length does not work well and will be uncomfortable or impossible to drive safely. 6′ 2″ tall with slim build maximum or 5’10” tall medium build for driver is needed. (Sorry but most pre 70’s sport cars were kinda small!)


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