1967 Chevy Short Bed


This Beauty has got a lot of growl! Under the hood beats your Chevy V8...but its not your stock 350 that's pushing you around! It's 350 turned into an 383 Stroker! This truck will give you a taste of what you've heard about when it comes to hot rodding. The sound of the rumble and off you go. We have toned it down a bit so anyone can drive it but its a great feel with your foot on the loud pedal! This '67 Chevy C10 Shortbed pickup is one sweet machine! C10 Chevy trucks have always been on the collector/hot rodder list and this being the first year of this model makes it even better! The big difference in this particular machine is noted in the hood having a sleeker more angled front. This hood is for the 67-68 models only. There is also a rear window change. The first half of the the 67 year the rear window was much smaller (which this truck has) but was changed out 2nd half of 1967 and kept that way for the remainder of the second generation C10 trucks until 1972. This beautiful 67 is for someone who wants a little more heart beating during their trip to the canyon!

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